Tokyo street fashion II.

14. ledna 2012 v 14:07 | TenshiShiori |  Fashion

Harajuku Girls in Milkfed, American Apparel, H&M and Converse

Here are two Japanese girls both wearing a similar tan/beige color palette. The auburn-haired girl on the right is Natsu, a 19-year-old student. She's wearing a comfortable looking sweater from American Apparel with white shorts, also from American Apparel. She's also wearing tights with diagonal stripes, Converse sneakers and is carrying a plain fabric tote bag.
The blonde girl on the left is Miho. She's also a 19-year-old student. Her outfit includes a corduroy coat from Milkfed worn over an H&M knit top and white shorts from American Apparel. Her animal-print shoes are from a used clothing store and are worn with tights featuring black details. Her fabric tote bag is from American Apparel.
Miho's accessories include a ring with the word Yes from I am I.
When we asked the girls about their favorite place to shop, they both agreed on American Apparel. Natsu also told us she likes Tokyo Bopper. Miho said her favorite music is by Arashi.

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